Monday, June 29, 2015

first round of Yellowstone photos

Morning Glory Pool

a section of bacteria mat formed by the runoff from a geyser
my favorite building, the Old Faithful Inn

Old Faithful Geyser.  I'll never tire of seeing her erupt.

bear track spotted at the Upper Geyser Basin, just a few feet from the boardwalk

De Lacy Creek with a glimpse of Shoshone Lake, the largest back country lake in the park


  1. Oh boy, I become so homesick watching these pictures!! A couple of weeks ago, Max was supposed to write about his parent's professions and that's what he wrote: My mom is a teacher. She teaches adults, who do not speak german. If she would have had the chance, she would have become a ranger in Yellowstone. Isn't this sweet?!

  2. That is indeed sweet. I thought of you while taking many of these photos as these are places we spent time exploring way back in 1999! I really think you need to come visit.