Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Yellowstone critters, big and small...and a view

a bull elk grazing near Canyon Village

a killdeer on the shore of Yellowstone Lake, just off the boardwalk of West Thumb Geyser Basin

Bighorn sheep ewes and  lamb on a steep hillside across from the Gardner River

an American white pelican fishing on the Yellowstone River - these birds have a wingspan of about nine feet!

my first black bear of the season strolling through the sage near Highway 191 where it passes through the park

an obstinacy of bison in Hayden Valley - love those little red dog calves

A bison rolling in the dirt.  It is believed that they do this to coat their fur to prevent insects from biting them.  I enjoy watching since that giant hump of bones, fat and muscle prevents them from rolling completely over and they stir up great clouds of dust.

One of my favorite views in the park.  These are the wide open spaces I dreamed about while living in New York for most of the last year.  Even the prettiest of river valleys cannot compare to this landscape.

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