Saturday, June 20, 2015

Coming home

That is how I felt as I got closer and closer to Yellowstone.  It is how I felt when I checked in to start my summer job in the park.  Lots of hugs and "what are you doing here?!?!" comments from so many old friends who still work here, some of them having done so for decades.  My motor memory remembered the twisty, hilly drive up from the north entrance to Mammoth Hot Springs where I was happy to see the usual group of elk lounging on the grass.   More old friends, hugs and catching up.  Then on down to Old Faithful, spotting the occasional lone bull bison along the way.  Man oh man, it feels good to be back amongst the wilderness, the wildlife and the wildness.

Being here makes the long, at times stressful, 2200 mile drive across the country seem like a distant memory.  Aside from the sheer exhaustion I'm still trying to shake, that is.

Hoping for lots of adventure, outdoor time and great conversation this summer.  You know, the best things in life.  

One of my very good friends lives in a house where this is the view from her front porch.  Lucky her!  It's a guest ranch just north of Yellowstone.  This is where I spent the night before going into the park.
I have been thrown right into work so I haven't explored yet or taken any pictures.  I'll be sure to take some soon and post them.  Meanwhile, here are some lovely flowers from the rose garden in my hometown.  My aunt and I walked around and around, drooling over these beauties.  I'm so grateful the city workers and volunteers put forth the effort to provide something so exquisite for everyone to enjoy.


  1. Back home!! That's how I felt, too, when I came back for the second summer. I guess, I kinda know what you mean. It must be great to be there again. Boy, I am a little jealous ... Is George, the bison bull still lingering around the Inn??

  2. Funny you should ask about George. I've been working in Laurel dorm, and I thought of how he would sleep in the back during the day. I haven't seen a single bison at Old Faithful yet. There was a fresh bison patty on the bike ride to work yesterday, however, so they're around. Don't be jealous.....come visit!!!!