Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mt. Nebo Scenic Byway

We took a drive yesterday over the Mt. Nebo Scenic Byway.  It was pretty stunning from start to finish - hoodoos, mountain views, free-roaming cows and calves, a huge variety of trees, soaring birds, steep and windy roads with huge drop offs and not a single guard rail, autumn colors just starting to show.  It was gorgeous.  I kept saying that if this were a national park, it would be way more crowded.  Mt. Nebo is the highest peak in the Wasatch Range at just under 12,000 feet.  I felt as though I were in the Alps somewhere in Austria!  There was a bit of snow on its peak and a few of those on either side of it, and while parts of the terrain were still quite green, pops of yellow, red and orange could be seen all around.  We're hoping to go back in a week or two in hopes the Aspen trees will be in full autumnal splendor.  

Devil's Kitchen aka "A Mini-Bryce Canyon"

At around 9,000 feet, we saw Indian Paintbrush in mid-September!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Well....just because.

Mary Chapin Carpenter at Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City.  Beautiful night, great show, wonderful woman whose music has inspired me for years.