Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Even though I've had feline companions in my life off and on since I was around fourteen, man had I forgotten how much work they can be.  When they're all cute and cuddly and purring or waking up from a nap doing kitty yoga and yawning, they sure are cute.  You think to yourself "I'm so glad this little one came into my life."  Then they grow several inches in less than two weeks, and they suddenly decide your toes and fingers are available for their sharp teeth and razor sharp claws to attack.  Then you think to yourself "somehow I forgot that itty bitty kittens do this."  Our new kitten is stinking adorable, no doubt about it.  Just check out the pictures below.  But I am already finding myself looking forward to a more mature kitten who likes to nap and cuddle on laps and watch birds from the window sill and "talk" to us with her meows and lower her forehead for incoming kisses.  Kind of like our Miss Penny.  Also see photo below.  Maybe I'm just in need of a nap of my own.

On an unrelated topic, I made some ornament/sun catcher-type things as gifts for my older sister's (very, very belated) birthday package.  Back in 2014 I took a pottery class and made loads of clay shapes with holes for hanging them - some carved, some stamped, some full of pattern from lace and button impressions.  I've been meaning to turn them into something to be displayed or gifted, and this was a good opportunity to do so.  I often choose to make presents for friends and family.  Heaven knows I have plenty of crafty stuff and beads to utilize for such projects.

This last one is a simple metal frame and glass slides embellished with fun craft paper, pretty beads and a long ribbon.