Saturday, May 13, 2017

Red Butte Garden

Tim took these photos of Momma mallard and her ducklings.  She had ten little ones.  No wonder she needed to nap!


On Thursday night, Tim and I went to view a taping of our long-time favorite NPR show - Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! in Salt Lake at Abravanel Hall.  Good heavens, we laughed so much.  I was super excited that Mo Rocca was one of the panelists.  I told the stranger next to me that he ought to be prepared for how loud I might cheer when they introduce him on stage.  He replied he would likely do the same.  We had a lot of fun, and the Abravanel Hall is a very handsome venue.

For Tim's birthday, he asked for a membership to the Red Butte Garden.  I happily obliged in part so we could have early access to concert tickets (Mary Chapin Carpenter in July), but we also plan to visit the gardens as often as possible.  Our friend, Steph, took us there for a visit back in 2012, and we've been wanting to go back since.  The rose garden is yet to bloom, but plenty of other beautiful, fragrant and colorful things were on full display.  After a long stroll, we took advantage of being in town for their annual plant sale.  I picked up a gorgeous rubber plant, and Tim grabbed some exotic house plants for the patio.  Their employees and volunteers are so friendly and informative - just kind souls.  What a lovely afternoon.