Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Kitten Cat

That's what we call her - Kitten Cat.  She has several names, actually.  Penny.  Miss Penny.  Pen Pen.  Loco Katze.  Pretty Girl.  Little One.  Not that she really answers to any of them, but she knows we are talking to her when we use that sticky sweet voice to get her attention.  I adopted Penny for Tim while in Vienna last June.  I thought he might want a companion for his months living solo in a foreign land.  They were and are smitten with one another.   Here's a photo from the first night our friend Alex brought her home to us.

Tim and Penny - instant love!
Here is a photo of her now, just a few days past her first birthday, perched on high to survey the world below her.  She is still a bit skittish about living in a new house in a new country, but she is getting used to the birds and horses outside the living room windows.  Love that kitty!
On top of a rather tall cabinet

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