Saturday, April 19, 2014

Interesting weekend so far.....

Tim and I had plans to go to Yellowstone for the weekend, but they were upended by our kitten cat.  I came home from work on Friday to find a half-cooked dinner and food at various points of preparation spread throughout the kitchen...but no Tim or Penny.  Turns out she literally jumped into the frying pan.  When it was filled with oil and tofu - in the process of cooking.  So it was hot.  And she now has first degree burns on her front paw pads.  In reading this, it should be understood why we call her loco katze.  She truly is lovable and a great furry friend and we adore her, but she is also a crazy little daredevil.  Thankfully she seems to be fine, doing her usual kitten things like chattering at the chickadees and scaling the kitchen cabinets.  She is apparently quite resilient.  

Instead of driving south into the park, we shopped some garage sales, bought ingredients for Easter dinner, went for a long walk, and took a drive along a dirt road to sit by a river and skip some rocks.  We've also been pampering our kitten moreso than usual and giving her oral syringes full of pain meds.  This evening we will watch a movie and eat a delicious dinner.  

Today has been a gorgeous spring day.  Violets and daffodils are in bloom.  The weather is warm.  The sun is shining.  So you see, despite our worry over kitten injuries, life is still rather good here in Montana.

Nice view of the Absarokas while skipping rocks
I hope everyone has a happy Easter.  Whatever importance you personally put on this day and however you plan to spend it, may you have a peaceful, relaxing Sunday.  In part, I will be missing my grandmother's holiday cooking and avoiding the giant box filled with candy sent by Tim's parents.  Hopefully there will be an adventure of sorts in the mix too.  Nothing to do with paws on hot surfaces, however.

Easter Market eggs Tim brought home from Vienna

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