Sunday, February 5, 2017

Meandering leads to perfection. - Lao Tzu


Well, I'm not sure about attaining perfection via how I take a walk, but I just had to lace up my beat up sneakers and get outside yesterday.  Holy Guacamole, it felt like spring out there -  fifty-two degrees on the fourth of February.  

While we had a wonderful lap around the neighborhood, the realization hit that I'm just not ready for winter to end.  I actually like having to layer up and wear socks to bed.  I enjoy the feel of a constant cool breeze and snow falling on my face.  I'm keen to burrito myself in a quilt on the couch.  I don't mind being compelled to grab a scarf and gloves on the way out the door.   I am, and always have been, a cold weather gal.  That's not to say I don't take pleasure in other seasons.  Who doesn't adore spring and fall?  It is the height of summer that I dread.  However, that is a long way off.  So instead of lamenting what it is to come, I will savor meandering on mild, sunny days. 

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