Monday, September 28, 2015

the end of the season is right around the corner

Beaver Ponds trail near Mammoth Hot Springs.  We almost didn't get to hike this trail as there were elk at the start of the walk- a cow right on the path and two young bulls keeping a close watch on us.

While we have had snow already this month, the weather has turned warm again.  Cold mornings followed by warm, sunny days and breezy evenings.  I've been doing my best to appreciate all that fall has to offer here in the park - from chattering squirrels and chipmunks buzzing around everywhere to the bison moving into the Old Faithful area, making walking and biking a sometimes haphazard adventure.  The golds, browns, reds, oranges and yellows are all around, and the smell of campfire makes me think of Halloween rather than sleeping in a tent.  I do enjoy this time of year.  The in-between time where the memories of summer still linger and the numbers of tourists and employees dwindle.  Meals seem to endure longer than usual as people talk about their travel plans or winter contracts.  It's wind down time.  Lots of work left to do, but still it is wind down time.

grove of aspens on the Beaver Ponds trail

I hope there are a few more walks and drives in store for me before my time is up.  More wildlife viewing, more quiet time by rivers and streams, more conversations full of laughter and reminiscing.  And more photos to be taken.

Some books I brought and others I've acquired, glass balls Tim bought me in Vienna, and my new felted birdie - my friend Sheri has christened him Chuck.  I'm not sure he's a Chuck, but he sure is sweet.

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