Friday, September 18, 2015

Peaceful as a hurricane eye

I've got Paul Simon in my head.  Two weeks ago it was James Taylor - for days and days.  This morning it was Adele.  Sometimes it's Ray Charles or Van Morrison.  Other times it's Nina Simone or The Indigo Girls.  A lot of the time it's movie scores.  Music is important to me.  Listening in my car as loud as I can stand it is often the best form of stress relief, especially when I sing along (with the windows rolled up to spare passersby hearing my voice, mind you).  Having it as background music to my adventures or quiet times alone can make all the difference in my mood.  What would life be without it?  I hope never to learn the answer to that question.

On a different topic, Tim was just here in Yellowstone for a week.  Lots of laughter going on and lots of reminiscing too.  He's back on the east coast where it's quite warm whereas I've seen snow in the last twenty-four hours.  Oh, I do love the mountains!  

Here are some random photos from the last week or so.

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