Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sometimes it pays to be the early bird

Lone Star Geyser.  Looks a bit otherworldly to me in this shot.

check out the rainbow in the mist to the left

Ahh....the Firehole.  I've spent many an hour sitting by this river.

Woke up this morning at 5:30 - way too early for a day off.  I went with it and got a lot done before breakfast and a ride to Lone Star geyser.  It is one of my favorites in Yellowstone.  It's an easy bike ride or walk on an old road which is still in pretty good shape.  It follows alongside the Firehole River and comes out to a clearing where the geyser's cone is the prominent feature against rolling hills and pine trees.  I had the place to myself for a bit and then had the pleasure of meeting a family of four who waited with me for the eruption.  I just love it when kids are excited by the park itself - not so much the gift shops or the ice cream cones but the thermal features and the wildlife.  These were two such kids.  So, an enjoyable bike ride, an hour spent with friendly strangers, and a geyser eruption to boot.  Oh, I saw a heron and a snake while on the trail as well.  

 What more could the day have in store?

Old Faithful eruption at sunset on August 10th

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