Thursday, August 6, 2015

A nice weekend away

My friend, Sheri, and I left the park this past weekend for some shopping and respite from busy park life.  We went to town - well, two towns actually - and spent the night at a guest ranch deep in Paradise Valley with another good friend and her doggie.  We ate at a few restaurants, bought some much-needed supplies, saw grizzly bears, received some Portuguese Water Dog love, had some lovely girl time, got haircuts, spent time in the small Montana town I used to call home and then took our time returning to Old Faithful.  

Lots of of conversation and laughter along with singing and dancing in the car.  What more could two ladies want?  I mean, aren't friends the best?  Sheri and I spent a few summers and a winter together at the South Pole, and I persuaded her to come to Yellowstone.  So glad she's here!  I'm also very grateful that I got to catch up with my friend Trina.  We spent several summers and winters in Yellowstone together, and I have had many of my best, most fun adventures with her.  Plus, she makes the best pancakes I've ever tasted, she taught this Yankee how to make good Southern-style sweet tea, and she served me my first ever Brussels sprout.  How blessed I have been!

Me, Nate and Sheri hanging at the Pole, nearing the end of winter 2010

Ori girl relaxing on the porch

the ranch where we spent the night - it is as peaceful as it looks

Electric Peak just after a storm

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