Saturday, January 17, 2015

I left my heart in...Prague

Wait a minute.  That's not how the song goes!

But perhaps I did leave part of my heart in Prague when Tim and I visited last year around this time.  My little sister has just returned from a trip to the Virgin Islands so thoughts of travel are in my head.  I don't have any plans to step on a plane or train or take a long journey in a car any time soon so I thought I would reminisce about a trip to a beautiful city in Europe instead.

I think we may have been in the heart of Old Town for less than 15 minutes when I asked Tim to promise me we would return to Prague for a much longer visit.  Rent an apartment and eat in local restaurants.  Learn enough of the language to greet people on the street.  Go for a tour of the factories where the famous glass beads are made.  Attend a service at one of the many gorgeous churches in the city.  Explore the historic Jewish part of town and learn its history.  Watch the traditional glass carvers at work.  He agreed.  He may have forgotten by now, but he agreed!

Here are some photos:

The roof spires on the Church of Our Lady Before Týn, finished in the early 15th century

winding street off the Old Town square

how fun to imagine living in an attic apartment in one of these old buildings

the famous Prague astronomical clock, the oldest of its kind that still works

one of the many stunning windows of St. Vitus Cathedral

part of the gorgeous Gothic exterior of St. Vitus Cathedral

a romantic time of day to stroll the city streets

a glass carver working inside a shop at the Prague Castle complex

I don't recall what this shark was selling or advertising, but I remember he made us laugh.  Note the fake dismembered hand in his teeth.

view of the skyline from the Charles Bridge

nice vista from the top of The Petřín Lookout Tower

adorned in the Art Nouveau style, The Municipal House is a venue for concerts, balls & fashion shows and has at least one lovely restaurant we could see from the street

street performers headed to work

This scene is what I remember most about Prague's beauty.  The water, the gondola, the lighting, the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral - it was all so romantic.  This city oozes history and charm.  You can't help feeling the past here.

extraordinary metal work on a gate outside St. Vitus Cathedral

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