Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finding the time to be outdoors

I've been researching and seeking out the pockets of nature that exist where we now live - the ones set aside purposely for walks, reflection, exercise, education, preservation and appreciation for the scenery.  I've been to a few in the last week and have enjoyed some of the endless winding country roads that cross the landscape.  There is beauty all around us here, to be truthful.  Gorgeous historic homes, vistas of the Catskill Mountains and beyond, forests of trees changing color by the day, algae covered ponds, the Hudson River, rolling hills of farm land.  It's all here and more.  

Wilderstein - home of Margaret Daisy Suckley, friend to FDR, now a National Historic Landmark with walking trails

Yesterday I took a walk at a place called Poet's Walk.  It was created for quiet reflection and inspiration, both of which I found there.  I also had the pleasure of seeing several blue jays and a Pileated woodpecker along with dozens of squirrels and chipmunks leaping across the trail or up and down trees, some even throwing acorns down to the ground inches away from where I was walking.  Of course, I didn't take it personally.

One of the structures along a path at Poet's Walk with a nice view of the Catskills beyond
I had the trails to myself in most places and rested without interruption on a bench overlooking the river.  You see, I do enjoy walking with others to have their company, but I also relish time alone in the wilderness.  It is the one place where I can truly shut out all of the extraneous stuff and put into focus what needs doing.  It is also perhaps the best place for me to clear my mind in order for creative ideas to present themselves.  

Who doesn't appreciate a roomy, comfortable bench with a view?

In the upcoming days, I hope to take a walk through the grounds of an old mansion with extensive gardens that are open to the public.  Tim and I also plan to watch the sun set behind the Catskills from a fire tower in a nearby forest.  Who knows what other pleasures the weekend will bring?  I can wish for more fine weather and time for a jaunt or two outside.  

May you find the time to do the same if you find delight in it.

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