Monday, August 25, 2014

Moving on the east side...of the Hudson River

Apparently, I've got the theme to The Jeffersons in mind as evidenced by the title to this post.

This afternoon, I will be driving a 5' x 8' Uhaul trailer down to our new place.  I'm a little nervous about getting onto the highway where everyone drives 80+ miles per hour while my little Toyota Corolla is towing an awkward, wheeled metal box.  I did this once before, driving from NY to Wyoming, and I don't recall it having been particularly fun.  Enjoyable or not, it has to be done.  Besides,I am very excited to get into our new home and put our stamp on it.  We are still sans a couch, a kitchen table and a real bed.  However, the garage sale find of the summer - a five dollar queen-sized air mattress with pump - will at least allow us a place to sleep.  In the spring of 2013, we survived three weeks in our Vienna apartment without so much as a chair so this should be doable.   

sitting on the floor in the bedroom of our apartment in Vienna, awaiting the IKEA delivery truck

the living room with some furniture and decorations

I woke up early today with creative thoughts that I had to sketch before I forgot them.  I realized that I am very much foreseeing the crafty room getting organized first.  Not the kitchen, not the bathroom, not the closets.  My beads, my fabric, my sewing notions and every other crafty item I brought with me will be put in its proper place so I can start CREATING!  I've got the itch to make some things. 

Heading out soon, hoping the kitten cat doesn't howl the entire way.  Our furry friend has flown with little issue, but man oh man does she dislike riding in the car!  I see some treats in her future. 

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