Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A house in the country

So I made it safe and sound to our new house.  As soon as I turned onto our road, a doe and fawn crossed in front of me, tails up high as they bounded across to the other side.  I was feeling good, but then I walked in to find the last guy didn't clean at all and that several large spiders were already in residence.  I moved all of our stuff in anyway, enjoying the bird life in the front yard.  Two female cardinals swooped in, and after hearing it hammering the bark for a few minutes, I finally spotted what I think was a red-bellied woodpecker.  He, or another bird just like him, returned twice the next day to peck on the outside of the house.  We've seen deer in the area just beyond our yard each evening, and our realtor told me that coyotes, turkeys, bobcats and snakes are rather common as well.  While I'm not afraid of snakes per se, I don't like being startled by them while walking in the grass.  

I am rather excited about the wildlife seen and hopefully yet to be spotted.  However, I'm not so big a fan of the flying, stinging type of wildlife.  As in, I have killed at least ten hornets in my kitchen in the last two days.  Turns out there is a rather large nest under the eave of the roof at the back of the house, and they are also living in the old, no longer used chimney.  Still not sure how they were getting inside the house, but our realtor has sprayed several cans of hornet killer, torn down some of the nests and also torn down / sprayed yellow jacket and carpenter bee nests.  I am very hopeful that this is now under control because, as you might imagine, I have no desire for hornets in our kitchen nor other bees nesting outside the house. 

My latest "adventure" was being in the shower when the power went out.  The pump for the well is electric so just as I was starting to rinse off, through the shower head came brown and then black water.  Yep.  Have I mentioned that moving is stressful?  Everyone knows that, right?  So no one would judge me harshly perhaps if I wrote that I cried in the shower?  And a little bit after Tim brought me ice cold gallons of spring water to rinse with?  And maybe even a little bit after that?  Because that is exactly what I did.  It can be, and in this case definitely was, cathartic to cry.  Some people drive fast, some people go the gym and hit a punching bag, some people scream, some people have a cocktail or two.  When I'm stressed out, I cry.  Sometimes yelling is involved, but mostly I cry.  Jeez Louise.

So no more hornets (crossing fingers) after the second round of spraying this afternoon.  Both of us have had full showers now that the power has been restored.  We had some perfectly ripe strawberries with yogurt for dinner.  Tim is doing some homework right now, and I am about to go to bed to read.  May tomorrow be an even better day by the end of it.

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