Saturday, April 5, 2014

Daydreaming about Vienna

I have been spending an inordinate amount of time daydreaming about spring in Vienna, Austria these last few days.  My partner has been living and working there for just over a year now, and he tells me daily via email how lovely the weather has been of late.  Trees budding, early spring flowers coming up, warm breezes blowing, sun shining.  It was about this time last year that Tim and I flew to Austria for him to begin his new job.  It was still winter when we arrived, but soon the last snowfall melted and the city began to show its vivid natural colors, especially in the many city parks.  Green grass every where, tulips in every shade imaginable, flowering trees showering the ground with papery pink flowers, rose bushes just beginning to show the tight little buds that would turn into stunning displays as the weather warmed.  The Easter markets were going on then as well, and I stood next to the displays of decorated eggs, stunned by their fragility and beauty.  This was also around the time we first visited the Naschmarkt and saw rows upon rows of buckets of tulips for sale.  It was rather extraordinary when you combine all of this with a city steeped in rich history and culture along with gorgeous architecture to boot.
Batik eggs

Easter Bunny eggs

Tulips at the Naschmarkt
Bird's view of a tree on the Donauinsel

Ducklings in Stadtpark
Tim will be coming home to the states in a few short days to focus on the next big step on his path.  I know I miss Vienna quite a bit - the city itself and the friends I have there - and I only stayed for six months in total.  I imagine it will be more difficult for him to say goodbye.  Although....the anxiety of flying with our kitten might be currently outweighing any regret he might be feeling about leaving Austria!  She will be in the cabin with him on all three flights.  I am guessing he is imagining various scenarios of how she might react badly to flying while wondering how many times he might have to apologize to his seatmates for any feline shenanigans.  They will both be getting a giant hug upon arrival in Montana.  A much deserved one, I am sure.

Miss Penny a.k.a. loco katze

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