Friday, September 28, 2018

Hatcher Pass

A few weeks ago, Tim and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather and took a drive that led to an unplanned hike.  We were rewarded with this gorgeous view - Gold Cord Lake.  En route we passed an old cabin built in the 30s, and we were lucky to spot a pika scurrying across the rocks. 

On the way down we heard lots of chirps and soon spotted several Arctic ground squirrels.

To get to the trailhead for our hike, we walked part of the road leading to Independence Mine.  On the way back to our car, we decided to take a look.  We were too late in the season to gain access to the visitor center or take a guided tour, but there were plenty of displays along the paved pathways providing information on the history of the area.  Having acquired a few blisters on our jaunt up to Gold Cord Lake, I was content to read a few of the panels and then use binoculars to look at the mining structures and various buildings from a bench with far-reaching views.  

Here are some other photos form that day:



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