Sunday, December 24, 2017


While I've neglected this blog in that nothing new had been posted since early October, it has been lingering in the back of my mind to post something.  As in, I really ought to find a photo or a YouTube video of a song I love and put it up. 

Well, today is Christmas Eve, and I'm clearing my desk of "to do" stuff.  Checking things off my list that have been on there for way too long.  Things that take up more space in the back of my thoughts as stuff I should be doing, items I should be addressing.  Why today?  It's a quiet Sunday, it's cold outside, and the inspiration to purge items on my list hit me at around 11 am.  As the year quickly comes to a close, I've no wish to have these things still hanging around undone, cluttering my desk and my mind, preventing me from doing things in the space where my desk lives that I'd much rather be doing.  You know, creative stuff.  Sewing, jewelry-making, writing, perusing my ever-growing collections of postcards, fabric, paper and beads.  In a nutshell, pleasurable activities.

Do you ever do that?  Allow the little annoyances of life like balancing your checkbook or updating your life insurance policy or switching an old 401K to an IRA to go undone where it becomes a burden just knowing they're STILL on your list?  What's that word?  Oh, right....procrastination.  I'm really good at it.  Better than anyone should be, really.  There have been times where it has spurred creativity.  More often, however, it causes stress.  Especially when it interferes with activities that bring my life joy and a sense of fulfillment.  Procrastination throws off the balance. 

So I'm taking care of most things today.  By Tuesday afternoon I should be able to devote time to what brings me comfort and delight - creating.  It's quite likely holiday movies and hot cocoa will be included.  Maybe even a nap.  

The first two photos above were taken at Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City, and the others at Clover Springs Campground near Rush Valley, UT.  The photos below are from a trip Tim and I took to Yellowstone in mid-October.  



We saw Alison Krauss in October at USANNA.  It was something like 36 degrees at an outdoor venue, but her angelic voice and the incredible musicians that accompany her made the slight discomfort well worth it.  David Gray was her opening act.  Lovely performances all around plus there were two barn owls swooping back and forth under the canopy of the stage throughout the show.  Tim had to keep reminding me to watch the concert rather than the birds!


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