Sunday, June 25, 2017


An extravagant obsession with flowers?  Not really sure about the word extravagant in the definition of anthomania in that my affection hardly seems absurd nor do I spend a lot of money on flowers.  I just really, really like them.  Wildflowers or hot house flowers, public gardens or private ones, rows of perennials outside Home Depot or the plantings in my own back yard -- I'm enraptured.  There might be a strong correlation between my general love of nature and my enjoyment of flowers.  After all, aren't they a showy version of what nature provides as a soothing balm to indoor sterility and the time of year when seemingly nothing is actively growing?  What I do know for sure (to steal a line from Oprah) is that to me, nearly all things that fall under the umbrella of flora delight me.  I suppose there are worse "obsessions" to have.

Here are some more subjects from the last few weekends:

There is a new addition to our family.  On Thursday we heard about four abandoned kittens that were left in a dumpster.  No one is sure how long they were there, and the culprit (that's not the only word I've used to describe this person) is unknown.  Thankfully, they were rescued before the garbage truck arrived.  We'd been thinking of getting a companion for our much-loved calico, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.  She's an eight week old, long-haired tortoiseshell according to the vet we visited over the weekend.  Tim and I are already in love with her.  Take a look:

No name yet, but we've considered Little Spitfire, Lucy, Sophie, June Bug and Amy (as in Amy Farah Fowler of Big Bang Theory fame since Penny is named after a character on that show).

Miss Penny enjoying the last light of the evening.

Penny doing what she enjoys most - watching birds, hiding in the grass.

We get some pretty lovely sunsets here in Utah.

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