Sunday, April 30, 2017

Antelope Island State Park

sunset from the causeway
the view from our camp site

I just loved this view - kind of stark and melancholy with the clouds in the background.

I met my good friend, Trina, at the Bridge Bay campground on Antelope Island Thursday evening.  By the time I arrived, the sun was setting.  It was close to dark when I found our campsite.  We started a fire, had some snacks, and shivered while catching up.  The forecast earlier in the day called for possible snow, sustained winds, and overnight temps in the 20s.  Many layers of clothes and multiple sleeping bags and blankets later, I slept restlessly in my car.  But seeing an old friend from Yellowstone was worth it, without question.  

Morning brought sunshine, singing birds of all kinds, and a much needed hot cup of tea.  We did a beautiful five-mile hike above the edge of the Great Salt Lake, and I spent a good chunk of the day touring the eastern side of the island.  

The bison  were grazing in various spots, a small obstinacy here, a few bulls there.  A handful of pronghorn made an appearance, too.  The bird life, however, was most plentiful - western meadowlarks, magpies, chukars, ravens, American avocets, long-billed curlews, red-winged blackbirds, California gulls, European Starlings and more.  My hope was to spot burrowing owls but no luck there.  

The weather didn't lend the day to lingering - flurries, rain, wind and quite cold temperatures sent me home by mid-afternoon in search of a hot meal, a cuppa, and an early night to bed.  I hope to get back there soon.  It had been almost ten years since my first visit, but I've no plans to wait that long for my next trip.

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