Tuesday, January 10, 2017

wish it. dream it. do it.

There are lots of little decorative bowls and plates around our home.  In most of them you'll find heart shaped rocks, driftwood, small stones, acorns, dried leaves, feathers, seed pods, bark, rusty keys, tufts of bison fur, or more.  Bits and pieces found along the way.  I'm a meanderer.  I look up, down, and all around when I walk.  Seemingly everything catches my eye which is how I end up with pocketsful of debris and scads of photos.  Not everything comes home with me, much to Tim's relief.  Most of what does ends up in these bowls and plates.  On the reverse of the metal flower above are the brief sentences "wish it.  dream it.  do it."  Words to live by, I believe.

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