Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I've just recently joined Instagram.  Go ahead and roll your eyes.  I'm well aware that not owning a cell phone, choosing not to be on Facebook, and participating in very little in the realm of social media is not the norm these days.  It's just how I roll.  However, some good friends had a beautiful baby boy not long ago, and their activity on Instagram inspired me to join.  (One of my latest finds in the blogoshpere, thanks to Flow magazine, also inspired me to join because her photos and words are pure joy.)

In light of others' photos, I thought I'd share some myself.  Apparently, spring has put a pep in my step and given me some much-needed motivation.

part of a bouquet from Trader Joe's
Examining my thread stash to see if a trip to Joann was in order.  I keep my sewing supplies in a cookie tin, just like my mom  and my grandmother used to do.  My tin has a Muppets motif - Miss Piggy is dressed as a cheerleader on the lid.
part of the Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve near Clifton Park, NY
Painted turtles sunbathing on logs.  I just learned the group names for turtles - turn, dole, nest or bale. 


Saw this slithering in the shallows.  It stopped and held still so I took several photos.  I later learned it was a northern water snake, a species known to be aggressive.  Yikes.

a view of the towpath one can stroll alongside the waterways

Perhaps this den belongs to the muskrat I saw swimming nearby.  It dove before I could snap its picture, but it was a pleasant sighting nonetheless.

thinking about garage sale season quickly approaching and what new delicate goodies I might find

a collection of garage and estate sale purchases from last year

can't seem to walk by the teacups and saucers without oohing and ahhing...or buying!

my ritual lap bonding with the kitten - we do this pretty much every morning

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