Thursday, April 28, 2016


Tim's classes wrapped up last week, and since it was also his birthday, we went south together to our former stomping grounds for two days.  Of course I wanted to visit one of my favorite spots - Montgomery Place.  Having had an extremely mild winter in upstate New York, a lot of the flowering trees, early flowers, and the stunning magnolia in front of the house had long since bloomed.  However, we did catch the end of the daffodils, the start of the lilacs developing buds, some fiddle heads furled and unfurled, one lone fritillaria that didn't photograph well, pansies pushing up through the cracks in the brickwork, several frogs and toads, and the general splendor of the grounds at large.  Bard College has purchased this historic site somewhat recently.  We are wondering what plans or possible changes are in the making.

Below appears to be a work space leading into the greenhouse.  It's part of a very charming building alongside the formal gardens with a long patinaed gutter and moss-covered roof.  Were it not for the chain across the door clearly meant to keep visitors out, I might have wandered inside and explored further.  It smelled of earth and dried things and old things and stone.  Growing up across the street from a greenhouse / florist has given me a permanent appreciation for places like this.   

the view into the greenhouse next to the formal gardens

What a lovely collection of feathers, baskets, nests, antlers, leaves, dried flowers, stones, etc.  This is definitely my kind of spot.

I was fascinated by these hanging nests.  I've read orioles build this type.
This little window caught my eye as did the wisteria seed pods in the tangle of branches.
The wisteria arbor in full bloom last spring.

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