Monday, October 26, 2015

back in New York

wish I could paint this scene
After three long days of driving, I arrived at my parents' house at 3am and got about nine hours of much-needed sleep.  Fall is still showing its colors here which is a change from Yellowstone where winter felt imminent.  I always love how strong I feel after living at over 7,000 feet and then heading down to sea level.  Of course, I'll lose that acclimation soon, but it feels good to walk up steep hills now without getting out of breath.  It's the little things.  Makes me think I'm in better shape than I am, I suppose.

a rabbit I spotted munching alongside the bike path
I'm happy to be around my beads again.  If I were not flying to D.C. tomorrow, I'd be pulling them out and working on things.  Alas, they will remain in their boxes under a sheet in my parents' attic until I return in three weeks time.  There are museums and monuments and statues and historic buildings to explore in the meanwhile.  Neighborhoods to walk through.  Farmers markets to peruse.  Ethnic restaurants to try out.  And, of course, a boyfriend and kitten to cuddle.  Miss Penny hasn't seen me in nearly five months.  Here's hoping she still loves me and will be happy to see me.

view of the Mohawk River

I want everything pumpkin right now (well, except for pumpkin pie) and hot chocolate and home-baked bread and real, NY style pizza.  After eating most meals in a cafeteria for the past four + months, I find myself craving the comfort foods I can't get while working in the park.  The local foods, the home-baked treats, the things I've enjoyed since childhood.

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