Saturday, April 11, 2015


I've had the last week away from work, and it's been lovely.  I've read a bunch, watched numerous movies, taken walks, napped almost every day, and cooked some yummy meals.  Penny got lots of cuddles too.  

I am that cat owner.  I can't help it - she's just so darn cute!

The weather, frankly, was crap for most of the week, but we awoke this morning to warmer temps and sunny skies.  Quilts on the clothesline and windows open type weather.

Lots of vocal red winged blackbirds and bluejays hanging out in the back yard along with loads of northern spring peeper frogs chirping like nobody's business in the damp, marshy weeds beyond.  (Check out the video below I found on YouTube.)

Clearly spring is here, and I am so grateful.  It was a cold winter in our neck of the woods, and folks are quite happy to leave it behind.  I'm awaiting the daffodils and crocuses fully bursting open to share their cheerful colors.  The Hudson Valley is known for its apples, and I'm hoping to see the orchards in bloom before long as well.  I do love this time of year.

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