Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bits & Pieces

This week I've been drawn to purple in its many hues.  I made a pair of birthday earrings for my sister using purple and green beads on Monday.  

Czech glass, crystal bicones, glass pearls, faceted magnesite, brass & copper wire, Vintaj ear wires
While rambling around the back roads and byways of upstate New York yesterday, I found a bowl and tea cup with saucer (made in Austria) with lovely lilac accents.  Gotta love a well-stocked & reasonably priced antique shop! 

It's a bit breezy and cool outside today, although it is still warm enough to melt more snow.  We got up early to grocery shop in an effort to beat the crowds, and on the way home we saw one of my favorite avian locals - a pileated woodpecker.  It was beautiful with that shocking red-crested head standing out against all of the brown and white that is so abundant this time of year.  Last week we spotted a small raft of common mergansers in a marshy area that is currently full of water. We've been enjoying more of our feathered friends in the back yard as well now that the grass is again visible.  Watching and listening to the cardinals, blue jays, chic-a-dee-dee-dees and red-winged black birds just makes me happy.  Of course, Penny delights in their visits too.  Here's a quick YouTube video I found of the species of woodpecker we saw this morning.  Enjoy!

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