Monday, September 1, 2014

Lovely horses

At our old place in Montana, two to three horses seasonally roamed the strip of land behind our home.  We fed them apples and carrots on occasion, and we always enjoyed them being part of the view outside our living room windows.  I liked to watch them nuzzle each other and run around, seemingly aimlessly.  I loved petting their noses when they would let me.

Near our new place in New York there are horses as well.  They live in a small red barn on an adjoining property, and they wander in and out to sleep, graze and roll around in the grass of the paddock just outside their stalls.  The barn and house are for sale so I'm unsure how long they will stick around, but I will enjoy them as long as I can.  I haven't decided if I will cross the driveway to feed or pet them, but it's lovely to watch them all the same.

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