Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Finally, it's set up

So back when I wrote that my priority in moving into our new place was to put together my creative space, I should have realized then it was a fantasy.  First and foremost, that was what I wanted to do.  Not clean the bathroom or put the dishes away in the kitchen, not even set up our bedroom.  Well, folks, practicality sometimes takes precedence over one's need to make things.  That sort of sounds like the old saying - necessity is the mother of invention.  Not quite the same thing, but perhaps you get the gist anyhow.

Well, it's unpacked, organized, ready for things to be dreamt up and created.  The beads and wire and tools are waiting.  Stacks of fabric and thread and my sewing machine are seemingly itching to be turned into something useful (or at least pretty).  Handmade papers and Modge Podge and canvases all ready to go.  Postage stamps and flowers cut out from catalogs and bits of ephemera just clamoring to collectively become something more.  

Still needs a little decoration.  Something colorful on the wall or ceiling.
The bright corner.  I stop and look almost every time I pass the bead strands.
Yet, I find myself focused on reading instead.  Fiction books.  Four in the last two weeks, squeezed in between cleaning, setting up house, looking for work and the daily bits we all have to do like grocery shopping and washing dishes.  This enjoyable, albeit guilt-inducing, pastime is preventing me from doing other things I could or should be doing.  Such as adding some ingredients to the the rotting bananas in the kitchen to make some yummy bread.  Such as applying for more jobs.  (Ooh, that's a big one!!)  Such as exploring the area which I now call home as summer eases into fall and the weather cools.  Such as checking things off my to do list that are more important than finishing another novel on my Kindle.  The latest one giving me strange, scary dreams, by the way.  

I'm going to chalk this up to a need for being quiet.  A need for stillness.  For having our kitten strewn across my lap or belly so we both feel comforted.  Perhaps a need for a bit of escape from missing Montana.  Surely, it is an escape from the nervous angst of trying to find a job.  I also think it's the time of year.  As the trees change color and the nights become downright chilly, autumn is a time to cuddle up with a good book, to bake things with apples and pumpkin in them, to break out thicker sweaters and to kind of...nest, no?  That being written, a job and income would be considerably more handy than seasonal creature comforts!!

Well, maybe after I finish this last book (I'm already more than halfway through!), I will get back on the bandwagon so to speak.  Find a job and conjur something up in my newly put together room.  Then I can feel irreproachable when I begin the next borrowed e-book which is Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed.  I'm expecting it to be a good read.
The red barn that is the view from my windows.

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