Sunday, May 18, 2014


Back in March I signed up for an eight-week pottery class.  I had been wanting to do this for years and years.  We all made ashtrays for our parents with coiled clay in grade school, didn't we?  I think I may have made a hot dog and an impression of my hand at some point too.

I took a low key class at a community center in 2007, but it was more of a "come ask me if you need help, make whatever the heck you want" type of class.  Our teacher had been making pottery for decades and was still excited to introduce people to the medium.  I made some pendants and some wax resist leaf plaques.  Naive stuff but a few things I liked enough to display in my house.

Aspen leaf imprint
Oak & manzanita leaf imprints
This current class was described as a beginner / intermediate class.  I could learn how to throw on a wheel, hand build, under glaze, glaze, use tools, flatten clay on a slab roller, carve, etc.  For me, this was not an inexpensive prospect, but I paid the fee and eagerly awaited the first class.  I was not disappointed.  Our instructor is awesome!  I have learned the basics, and I'm a little fearful that without hiding my credit card, I will be tempted to scan the Dick Blick catalog in my house and order a kiln on-line!  This has got to be one of the coolest mediums I have ever worked with.  I am in love with it.  I found myself daydreaming the other day about a studio in a red barn on a piece of property in the country where I would churn out ceramic piece after ceramic piece and make a living as a potter.  This, despite the fact that I couldn't make a single bowl or cup on the kick wheel with even a hint of symmetry!  My very supportive and kind teacher said "that is just your style.  I like it.  Embrace it."  Vanessa, I adore you!

I have an open studio this afternon and one full class next week before this comes to an end.  I will be able to pick up my final pieces toward the end of the month, and I am really looking forward to it.  If you come back around June 1st, I should have more photos to post.  Below is what I've finished so far.  Remember, I am a beginner.
Green carved flower bowl
Blue carved bowl (my favorite so far)
The poppy bowl
The asymmetrical, sea shell-wannabe bowl


  1. And once again the proove that you should make a leaving with your art. I love "your style"! Could I please place an order for a set of tableware for a family of five?

  2. Barbara, if and when I get my hands on a kiln, a potter's wheel, glazes, all of the tools and will be the first to get some tableware! Promise. I can hardly wait to get everything else after the final firing. You never really know how things will look coming out of the kiln.