Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mr. Selfridge is my best-loved site for watching television.  Owning a TV that is at least fifteen years old, heavy as a boulder and sans cable or satellite compels me to view programs on-line.  While Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes are tried and true favorites (who doesn't love both Maggie Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch?), I am currently enjoying the first season of Mr. Selfridge.  It's being aired again prior to the debut of season two for those of you interested.  Many of the actors are from varied shows and movies I have seen over the years, and Jeremy Piven is pretty terrific as Harry Selfridge. 

While watching episode 2, I was reminded of a department store I visited in Wellington, New Zealand in December 2011.   It is a beautiful store that has been around since the 1860s.  I came upon a display of frilly, girly, holy cow! pink hats in the ladies section and asked to take a photo of it.  Perhaps the women's accessories counters in Selfridges have looked something like this in real life.

Kirkcaldie & Stains Department Store

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