Friday, March 28, 2014

Beads & a bit of fabric

Last weekend I attended a bead show and came home with a bag of beauties.  (Yes, more Czech glass!)  More money was spent than budgeted, but that is sometimes the case with beads.  Surely, I am not the only one with  

In southwestern Montana, we don't have huge bead shows like those in Tucson and Philadelphia.  Nor would you find nationally known artists who sell their wares or teach classes at these smaller-scale shows.  Still, many of us manage to find what we need and want.  Luckily I also have access to an excellent bead shop and a few craft stores in the town over from where I call home.  So in the end, I can't really complain about smaller venues and fewer shops.  Besides, limited options can sometimes help spur creativity, right?                

Here are some photos of what ended up in my basket.  Clearly the sunny day and my longing for spring inspired a lot of what I chose:
The green hues
Love the colors of the tulip beads
Always on the lookout for blue beads
A bouquet of spring-colored lucite flowers

Magnesite briolettes
Some quilter's squares from JoAnn Fabrics

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