Saturday, February 8, 2014

The First Post

I am beginning this blog today of all days because at midnight tonight, Lori Anderson, author of the blog Pretty Things will be posting a sign up to join her 8th annual Bead Soup Blog Party.  (You may click on the gadget below my profile to link to her blog.)  In years past, I have spent countless hours ogling the bead soups and jewelry creations of the many artists who have taken part.  I uttered lots of oohs and ahhs and said "wow, how creative!" over and over.  This year, I became determined to join in the fun and therefore spent a good chunk of my day setting up this blog in order to participate.  Tweaking to follow, I am sure.

My profile gives the basics, but the focus of this blog will be to write about what I find interesting, important and inspiring, things that I create and even more things that I appreciate.  I may post about an adventure past or present, the latest piece of jewelry I designed and put together, a craft project that I believe turned out well or a house for sale that I have fallen in love with that day.  The sky will be the proverbial limit I do hope, and keeping myself and any readers entertained will be my goal.   

Thanks for visiting and happy reading.  This first photo is a view from one of my favorite walks in Vienna, Austria.  It was taken mid-January of this year.

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  1. Liebe Kelly,

    ich freue mich auf viele Geschichten aus dem Wilden Westen!

    Alles Liebe